AMIMOTO Published at AWS Marketplace Clusters

Support for Clusters and AWS Resources is an AWS Marketplace feature announced in mid December 2015.

“To address this customer need, an application in the AWS Marketplace can now be represented by up to three AWS CloudFormation templates, each created by the application vendor, and each with a distinct set of deployment options. Before you actually launch a template-backed product, you will see a list of the AWS resources that will be created, along with an estimate of the monthly costs. Vendors also have the option to provide the traditional AMI-powered option alongside the new and more powerful template-powered options.”
An excerpt from AWS Official Blog “New – AWS Marketplace Support for Clusters and AWS Resources”

Support for Clusters and AWS Resources allows users to easily deploy software on AWS Marketplace that are production-ready, and are using AWS CloudFormation templates.

Recently, AMIMOTO has released the following CloudFormation:

Before any CloudFormation is made available for users, AWS Marketplace reviews these templates to ensure that the deployment of software is successful and secure.

Products listed at the Clusters are categorized into three:

  • Security and Networking Infrastructure
  • Database and Business Intelligence
  • App Development, Collaboration, IoT and more
We’re excited to see today that AMIMOTO is published at AWS Marketplace Support for Clusters and AWS Resources under the category of ‘App Development, Collaboration, IoT and more’.

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