Solution to: Amimoto AMI Ver. 1.1 bug that excludes wp-setup

The day following the Amimoto AMI HVM updates, we have found that the wp-setup command was not included. This bug has been resolved on 22nd December 2014 at 10:30 a.m.

For our clients who are not able to run the wp-setup command in the previously started Amimoto AMI HVM instance, you would have to restart or reactivate the instance so you could use the wp-setup command.

To check whether wp-setup command is installed, you can run the following command after SSH connection:

$ whereis wp-setup
wp-setup: /usr/local/bin/wp-setup

If whereis wp-setup execution results into wp-setup:this means the destination path of wp-setup is not listed and that you won’t be able to use wp-setup command. To solve this, please restart the instance by running sudo reboot .